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About Norman Rossiter 

Find original paintings, limited-edition prints and greeting cards at Norman Rossiter Fine Art in West Pinchbeck, Spalding. I am a full-time professional artist specialising in wildlife, landscape and the countryside. In creating my wonderful masterpieces, I use several mediums like acrylic, oil and pastel.

Humble Beginnings

After leaving college in 1969, I moved to the East Midlands and worked in the below-the-line advertising industry. Given the chance to continue my passion in producing fine art pieces, I decided to paint full time.

Inspiring Art Enthusiasts 

I have a large art studio in Lincolnshire where I hold classes, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions. Moreover, I travel all over the UK giving demonstrations and workshops to art groups and societies.

Mark of Excellence 

My detailed artworks are sometimes referred to as photo realistic. It is always my intention to try and capture that single moment in time when nature shows you its true beauty.

I have sold my artworks in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Kenya and the USA. Contact me to learn more.

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